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Our Values

We have a vision and a solution. Before we even think about your business designs, we analyse your products or services and the market. We determine the opportunity for your business.

Our priority is client satisfaction. We deliver what the client wants. Our success is measured by you.

We do the right thing for every client. We work together. We’re on the same team. You know your business best and we respect that. We’re on board to share our design expertise. It’s all about long-term relationships for us.

We’re creative in the sense we’re graphic designers, yes. However, we’re also creative in our approach. We’re adaptable. We work to suit you.

We put our decades of experience to work for your brand. Quality design makes a world of difference to your business.

Find out how we can help you strengthen your marketing and boost brand recognition through graphic design.

Is this you?

I don’t have a logo. My business is invisible My logo is years old. It’s not relevant to my business anymore I need a Capability Statement so I can submit a tender Our business is growing and we need a refresh We just want someone to listen to us properly! My business vehicles need branding Everything looks different. There is no standard Our competitors are killing us! We want someone with knowledge and Experience How do we compete with the bigger companies?

Why Notions?


Branding & business experts with over 40 years-experience


We thoroughly research your company, competitors, clients and industry


Design comes first, enhanced by knowledge and the most suitable technology and applications for your needs


Solid principles. There is no guess work when it comes to your designed collateral.


Passionate about good and relevant design.


Incredibly Responsive!

Wayne is awesome to work with, and was incredibly responsive throughout the entire design process. He delivered professional, high-quality products which we’re proud to show off, and we’d strongly recommend Notions Design to anyone considering their services. Thanks mate!

activIT Systems

Connecting with your IQ

Branding Genius, Design Expert and all-round nice guy. We have used Wayne's services at Notions Design for little over 3 years now. He has worked with the team at ConnectivIQ to develop a strong brand relevant to what we deliver as Management Consultants. He has a very keen eye for detail and can translate your ideas into something more. He takes time to understand your needs and produce great work that becomes your organisation's branding. Wayne uses the principle of water to describe the fluidity and agility that he operates under. He takes the time to get to know your business and becomes a friend of the business instead of being another vendor. I would recommend Wayne to anyone looking for their next branding venture or even to spruce up their current organisational branding.

Thomas Jriege

Merry Christmas!

I contacted Wayne just before Christmas to assist with a new design and rebrand for my Conveyancing Business. I wanted something fresh but still have a professional edge. Wayne provided several options and colour palettes to think about over the holidays, and by the first week in January he had nailed the brief! It's great dealing with someone in business as genuine and professional as Wayne. I would highly recommend Notions Design to anyone.

Dee Murray

A Change of course

I needed help to rebrand my business as we were moving in a new direction and what we had just didn’t fit! Wayne listened to me about our goals for our business and he worked his magic to create a beautiful logo that fits our business vision and we now have an amazing brand! Thank you Wayne for all all your hard work.

Barbara Hartley

Communication is Key!

Wayne had an instant understanding of what I wanted to achieve with my company rebranding. He was professional all the way, with timely and quality ideas and deliverables. Very happy with the end result. I'll be returning to Wayne for any future design work I need for my company.

Ben Innes

A Capability Statement that shines

Our problem was that new client acquisition was a clunky process as they always asked us to follow up with ’send us something’. Notions helped us bring clarity to a simple process. Wayne worked with us to develop our unique capability statement by providing advice as to what to include. We had no idea where to start so this was really valuable to us. The outcome is now we have our ‘go to’ document that’s slick and professional that we can simply send out to all new contacts. It’s smoothed our processes as well as given us the corporate edge.

Bree-Billington Davies

Tailored Solutions

Wayne is a visionary. His capacity to get in at the ground floor of design thinking and build up a tailored solution, is an exceptional strength of his!

Clinton Lynch

The Complete Package!

Wayne is a creative genius. He has given us exciting branding that makes us stand out from the pack. The branding is consistent across all of our marketing from cards, letterheads, signage, flags, public art, social media, web, newspaper and newsletter templates. Wayne is across every kind of marketing your business will need and will ensure consistency of design and brand message. His work is of a very high standard. He goes above and beyond to deliver an excellent product. Wayne works very hard at listening to what you actually want and has excellent suggestions when you need advice. He delivers an outstanding product. He is passionate about design and marketing and we had a load of fun developing our own eye catching material. We are extremely happy with the product and the outstanding service.

Dr Rob Hill

What is a Graphic Designer?

A professional who creates visual concepts such as logos, packaging and brochures to convey information through digital and print mediums.

Why do I need a Graphic Designer?

The end goal is to make your business memorable, recognisable and prominent

Can’t I just use Canva to design what I need?

Sure you can. Canva is great to use. However, a Graphic Designer will create a bespoke logo based on your unique requirements. They analyse your industry and your particular brand personality. A Graphic Designer will work to understand what makes your business stand out in the market. Canva can churn out a logo and design for you, but it’s not unique and there is no experience and knowledge behind it’s conception.

Notions Design is a graphic design agency/ studio for businesses who want to stand out. Notions Design is a graphic design agency/ studio for businesses who want to stand out.